A tabletop party game of accidental fare evasion and undercover inspectors, based on Melbourne’s public transport network.

1. Setup

The number of cards used in a game depends on the number of you playing:

Players 2 3 4
Line Card 2 3 4
Evader 18 27 36
InspectorAuthorised 2 3 4
InspectorUndercover 2 3 4
Power Card 6 9 12
Exp Card 12 12 12

First choose a dealer — we suggest the last player to say ‘Doyle’ — who should remove any cards according to the table.

2. Deal

If any cards are removed, make sure the Evader and Authorised Inspector numbers match the Line cards you choose.

Separate into 4 piles: Line, Exp, Power, and the rest (Evaders & Inspectors). Make sure each of these is shuffled.

Deal 2 Power cards to each player, then 9 from the Evader/Inspector pile. Mix the remainder of these cards together, and place face down near the edge of the play area to form the draw pile.

Place the Line cards next to each other — end to end, then hide 1 Exp card under each. Place the remaining Exp cards facedown next to the draw pile.

3. Taking A Turn

The player to the left of the dealer begins the game. The objective of the game is to get rid of all your cards, and collect the most Exp.

During your turn¹ you can play a maximum of 1 Power, 1 Inspector and up to 9 Evaders of the same colour. But Inspectors cannot be played after Evaders.

You must play at least 1 of these cards during your turn. If you don’t have any playable cards in your hand, then you must take a card from the draw pile.

4. Evaders

Play these on their given lines⁵ while dodging Inspectors — You can play Evaders either on the current line — which will continue the current carriage⁶, or a line immediately next to it — to start a new carriage.

Lines cannot be skipped. You can play multiple Evaders in a single turn, but they must all be on the same line.

5. Inspectors

Catch out Evaders and force them back into your opponents hand — Inspectors come in 2 types: Authorised — who can inspect Evaders on their given line, and Undercover — who can inspect any line.

Inspectors can only be played onto Evaders, in the most recent carriage. The previous player must take all Evaders from an inspected carriage. Any other cards in the carriage must be discarded.

6. Power Cards

Use these to gain an advantage in the game — Power cards can be played any time during your turn. They give you abilities that override the normal rules of the game.

Once played, they cannot be used again and should either be left in the play area or discarded.

7. Draw Pile

If you can’t play a card, then you must draw a card — Touched On is forced play — you must play any card you can. If you have no playable cards then take one from the draw pile.

If the drawn card is playable then you can take your turn as normal, otherwise play moves to the next person.

You can only draw 1 card in a single turn. If empty, form a new draw pile from the shuffled discard pile.

8. Unlock Exp

During the game⁴, you can collect Exp cards by unlocking them — When all 9 Evaders have been played on their line, the hidden Exp is unlocked.

If you play the 9th Evader then you can take the Exp from beneath the Line card. If you forget then it can be taken by the next player.

This line can still be inspected, but it will not change who keeps the Exp card.

9. Win Exp

Once you play your last card, shout ‘DING’ to alert everyone. The next player still has the opportunity to take their turn, otherwise you win and can collect the top 2 cards from the Exp pile. Everyone else keeps playing for 2nd place, who collects 1 Exp card.

If there are no Exp cards left in the pile, take them from beneath the Line cards.

Hold on to your Exp and deal again for the next journey³. The game ends when there are no Exp cards left.

If 2 players have the same Exp at the end of the game, each player should remove 1 Exp card, then count again.

10. Hints

  • Be aware of playing all your Evaders at once, as they will become a bigger target for other players to inspect.
  • Be careful about holding onto Power cards and Inspectors for too long, as towards the end of the game they can be harder to play.
  • Keep track of a line becoming inaccessible, make sure you get rid of those cards first.
  • You can overlap Evaders when you play them to save space.

11. Power Notes

Appeal — If successful, the player who inspected must take the cards instead. Can be played outside of your turn.

Priority Seat — Can be played with other Evader cards. Counts towards all 9 evaders on a line.

Feet On Seat — Can be played with other Inspector cards. Can be played in the Free Tram Zone.

Peak Hour —Effects all lines but not who played it. Place in front of yourself while in play.

Tram Tracker — Your opponent must fan out their cards for you to choose from.

12. Glossary

1. Turn — The playing of 1 or more cards.

2. Round — When each player around the table has taken a turn.

3. Journey — A single play through. Over when 2 players have no cards left.

4. Game — Multiple journeys. Over when all Exp cards have been collected.

5. Line — The complete train/tram/bus line that begins with a Line card.

6. Carriage — A group of Evaders on a line. The carriage ends when play is switched to a different line.