Just like Werewolf but on Public Transport

This is both a seperate game and a booster card pack for Touched On, something to add more players, more hype & more fun.



Character Roles

There are two main roles: Beasts and Passengers. Games can play with a variation of each of these. Our set also includes the Psychic, the Myki, the Drunk. You may even have your own way of playing, so you can add your own roles too.


The flow of the game lives and dies by the Moderator's hand. They are the sole player that knows the role of each player, and walks the rest of the players around the journey and the stops. It's their job to keep the game moving, so some Moderators opt for a 5 minute time limit during a stop for everyone to decide who to catch. They also are the one who calls for a vote when a nominee to be caught has arisen. The Moderator may find it helpful to use a pen and paper to keep track of each role and who has been caught that journey should there be a large quantity of players.


The most commonplace role, the basic Passenger, spends the game trying to root out who they believe the beasts (and other passengers) are. While they do not need to lie, the role requires players to keenly sense and point out the flaws or mistakes of their fellow players. Someone is speaking too much? Could mean they're a beast. Someone isn't speaking enough? Could mean the same thing. It all depends on the people you're playing with, and how well you know them.


Typically beasts are outnumbered by passengers 2 to 1. So a game of 6 players would have 2 beasts. The goal of the beasts is to decide together on one passenger to secretly catch during the journey, while posing as passengers during a stop so they're not caught themselves. One by one they'll catch passengers and win when there are either the same number of passengers and beasts left, or all the passengers have been caught. This role is the hardest of all to maintain, because these players are lying for the duration of the game.


The Psychic, while first and foremost a Passenger, has the added ability to "see" who the Beasts are once on the journey. When called awake by the Moderator, the Psychic can point to any of their fellow players and the Moderator must nod yes or no as to whether or not they are indeed a Beast. The Psychic can then choose to keep this information a secret during a stop, or reveal themselves as the Psychic and use the knowledge they gained during a journey in their defence or to their advantage during a stop. The strategy here is up to you.


Also a Passenger, the Myki has the ability to save themselves or another passenger when called awake by the Moderator during the journey. Should they save themselves, they will be safe from being caught by the beasts, or should they want to prove themselves the Myki or fear the capture of a fellow passenger, can opt to save them instead. Again, the strategy here is up to you.


This role, while first and foremost taking on all the elements of a regular Passenger throughout the game, also has the additional burden of only being able to communicate with gestures or noises. They may not talk during the stop at all, and if they do, are automatically caught during that journey. It may be the strategy of others (Beasts, for instance) to pretend to be the Drunk, as the role is so unique and easily recognised.


1. Setup

Assemble a group of players. An odd number is best, although not absolutely mandatory. There should be at least seven players.

You should have an equal number of cards to the people playing. You should always have 1 Psychic, 1 Myki, and 2 beasts and the rest of the players should be Passengers. If you have a large group (16+), you can replace a Passenger for an additional Beast.

Shuffle the cards and hand them out, face down. Each player should look at their card, but must keep it a secret. You can learn more about what each character can do above.

2. Gameplay

The game proceeds in alternating 'journey' and 'stop' rounds. Begin with the journey.

The Journey

During the journey, the moderator tells all the players, "Close your eyes." Everyone begins slapping their knees (or table) to cover up any noises of the journey.

The moderator says, "Beasts, open your eyes." The beasts do so, and look around to recognise each other. The moderator should also note who the beasts are.

The moderator says "Beasts, pick someone to catch." The beasts silently agree on one passenger (It's critical that they remain silent). The other players are sitting there with their eyes closed, and the beasts don't want to give themselves away. Sign language is appropriate, or just pointing, nodding, raising eyebrows, and so on.

When the beasts have agreed on a victim, and the moderator understands who they picked, the moderator says, "Beasts, close your eyes."

Now, the moderator awakens the Myki and says, "Myki, who would you like to save?" The Myki selects someone they'd like to save. The person chosen (which could be themselves) will be fine if the beasts chose to catch them. If someone was caught, and then saved by the Myki, the moderator will let the carriage know by saying, "Someone has been saved", at the beginning of the stop.

The moderator says "Psychic, open your eyes. Psychic, pick someone to ask about. "The Psychic opens their eyes and silently points at another player. (Again, it is critical that this be entirely silent, because the Psychic doesn't want to reveal their identity to the beasts.)

The moderator silently signs thumbs-up if the Psychic pointed at a beast, and thumbs-down if the Psychic pointed at an innocent passenger. The moderator then says, "Psychic, close your eyes."

The moderator says, "Everybody open your eyes; it's the next stop." And let's the passenger know who has been caught. That person is immediately out of the game. They do not reveal their identity.

Alternative rule: After you're caught, you reveal what role you had.

The Stop

For the first stop, go around and have everyone introduce themselves (Example: Hey, I'm Matt. I invest in Bitcoin, and I'm a passenger.

Stops are very simple; all the living players gather in the carriage and decide who to catch. As soon as a majority of players vote for a particular player to catch, the moderator says "Ok, you've been caught."

Alternative rule: To keep the game moving along, you can put a time limit to how long a stop is, and if the carriage doesn't choose someone to catch, they miss the opportunity.

There are no restrictions on speech. Any living player can say anything they want: truth, misdirection, nonsense, or a barefaced lie. Caught players may not speak at all. Similarly, as soon as a majority vote indicates that a player has been chosen to be caught, they are out. If they want to protest their innocence or reveal some information (like the Psychic's visions), they must do it before the vote goes through.

Once a player is caught, the next journey starts and the cycle repeats.

Moderator note: Continue to wake up the Myki and Psychic even if they have been already caught.

3. Winning

The passengers win if they catch both beasts.

The beasts win if they catch enough passengers so that the numbers are even. (Example: Two beasts and two passengers)